The Dead Sea at Jordan's western frontier is known to be the lowest spot on earth, 400 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes on earth. The unusually salty and mineral rich water, the rich black mud along the shoreline, the thermal mineral springs are healing for your body and soul. They have attracted kings, emperors, traders and prophets since antiquity.

The Dead Sea offers you an oasis where you can be thoroughly pampered and at the same time feel energized. The luxury hotels near the Dead Sea offer a wide variety of services. Float around in the sea water and bathe in the sun. Massage your cares away with an aroma-massage or enjoy a mud wrap with herbal essences. Unwind in the dry flotation room or try the healing mud. Or simply soak up one of the most spectacular sunsets on earth from the comfort of a bubbling whirlpool.

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