Shoubak (Arabic: الشوبك‎) is a municipality that lies at the northwestern edge of the Ma'an Governorate in Jordan. It has a population of 12,500. At one of the highest elevations above sea level in Jordan, this municipality is famous for apple and fruit farms. The Crusader castle Montreal is located in Shoubak.


Shoubak was first settled by the Edomites who had their capital in Busaira in neighboring Tafilah Governorate. It was then settled by the Nabataeans.

Shoubak became a Nahia in 1894, and was administratively belonging to the then-Ottoman Kerak department. In 1973, it was ranked up to a Qadaa. In the 31st Administrative Divisions System of 1995, Shoubak became a full department within Ma'an Governorate benefiting from the decentralization program.

Shoubak is known for its Crusader castle Montreal. Along with Petra and Aqaba, Shoubak forms the third head of this triangle that lies on the cross road between Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Its unique high elevation (1330 m above sea level) gave it a strategic importance.

The importance of Shoubak reached its peak after Baldwin I of Jerusalem took control of it, cutting the roots between Egypt and Syria, the Montreal castle was built on top of a hill there in 1115. Shoubak was then annexed to the Ayyubid dynasty by Saladin in 1187.

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