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Our belief in the important role played by the tour guide in the transfer of the bright image of his country and the content of the cultural treasures and play an important role in promoting understanding between peoples and to enhance communication with all tourist activities in Jordan and the world we open the name of God, the official website of the Society cast Jordanian tourists to be distinctive breakthrough Assembly contains full data on the cast and their expertise and years of their work and their terms of reference and how to communicate with them to get to the stage directly tour guide book and make the site a tool of marketing Jordan tools and an active contributor in the definition of tourists to this country to play a guide so effective role in tourism marketing process, which has been ruled out of them for a long time the site will also continue between the tool and give them a platform media brief them on the all-new respect their work.
For God's blessing in the name of God to begin


President of the Jordanian Association of Tourist Guides

Khalid Yasrh

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