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 The Jordanian Tour Guide Association
The Jordanian Tour Guide Association JTGA was founded in 1998 under the Jordanian Tourism Law with over 1291 current active members, speaking more than 30 languages. Tour guides in JTGA are the only qualified and licensed personnel who are allowed, by law, to accompany and lead tours through Jordan, by virtue of the license issued through the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism.
Tour guide fees are paid by travel agents or directly, according to agreement with individual tourists. Tour guides meet visitors upon arrival in Jordan and accompany them to all historical and biblical and  attractive sites , offering them onsite appreciation and local knowledge, in addition to sharing deeper historical and cultural aspects, highlighting treasured Jordanian traditions and enriching the visitors’ immersive travel experience in the country.
JTGA continually seeks to further train and develop the skills of its members, providing constant professional development courses and training i.e. first aid, safety and security, communication skills, and others. The Association also arranges many academic talks and workshops delivered by recognized lecturers in their fields.
 We hold visitor experience in the highest regard, and is indeed committed to offering excellence in the services offered to guests of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is a commitment you'll find expressed in the whole of Jordan, and especially in the beautiful words of The Amman Message; a message declared by his Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Jordanian people.
The Message emphasizes tolerance, acceptance of others, love, and coexistence of all faiths. The prime goal of the Association can be stated as providing every guest with a sustainable, authentic, and joyfully memorable experience of the country that is Jordan and the part of the world that is the Arab world.
The Jordanian Tour Guide Association is one of the most popular and influential associations in the field. We work under the umbrella of the Federation of Jordanian Tourism Associations, which includes travel agents, antique shops, the Jordan Hotel Association, and the Jordan Restaurant Association. Through this joint effort we aim to achieve the highest standard of guest service attainable.
It is an achievement well deserved that our tour guides have been rated worldwide as some of the most professional in the field. They proudly carry the reputation of Jordanian hospitality to the world. Our tour guides are your source for understanding the customs of Jordan and helping you visit the best we have to offer. Here, we offer a directory of our tour guides with information on the services they provide and the languages they speak along with contact information, so that you can contact them directly and tailor your ideal trip to Jordan.
Dear visitor, please feel free to contact any of our licensed tour guides directly through our website, and let your unforgettable journey to Jordan begin!
JTGA  President

Khaled M Alomar

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