North of Amman lies the city of Jerash, sometimes referred to as the Pompeii of the East. Jerash was part of the Greco-Roman Decapolis, the league of ten cities bound by strong political, social and commercial interests. It's one of the best preserved Roman towns outside Italy. Because Jerash has been covered by sand for centuries its colonnaded streets, baths, theatres, plazas and arches remain in exceptional condition.

A walk through Jerash is a journey in time. Can you imagine yourself being a Roman commander entering the town while riding your chariot over the paved stone? Or perhaps an actor staging a play in the amphitheatre? Or a priest leading a procession up the stairs of the Artemis' temple?

You will enter Jerash through the monumental South Gate. You will walk in the Oval Plaza surrounded by colonnades, visit the Roman theatre and Byzantine churches with mosaic-covered floors. Enjoy a stroll along Jerash' main road the Cardo and pass by the Nymphaeum. You may experience the marvellous acoustics of the theatre, the stage of the Jerash music festival which takes place every year in July. And see for yourself how the Romans built the earthquake-proof columns of the colonnaded streets.

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