Jordan is a country of culture, beauty and surprising contrasts. It is an ancient land, yet a modern Kingdom, offering the discerning traveler fascinating diversity, safety and traditional hospitality.

Few nations boast such close affinity to the great historical epochs of the world nor many match its beautiful climate. Here the very destiny of mankind has been reshaped, time and again, during the prolonged course of countless centuries, resulting in a layer after layer of unparalleled spectacles of nature and human achievements.

Location - Asia, Middle East.

Area - 89,342 square km.

Boundaries - 1,619 km.

Coastline - 26 km.

Elevation Extremes
Lowest point - 408 m. below sea level (Dead Sea area).
Highest point - 1,754 m. above sea level (Rum mountain in Wadi Rum).

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