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Parliamentary Tourism discussed the subject of creation of a special union of hotel workers


Commission Tourism and Antiquities public meeting was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Deputy Munir Zawayde discussed the subject of the claim which the establishment of a special union of hotel workers.

The MP said Zawayde During the meeting, which was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour and Hamada Abu-star and director of the Directorate of Labour Relations Abdullah Jabour and a number of specialists in the Ministry of Tourism and representatives of the Union of Workers in the public services and liberal professions and representatives from a number of hotel workers (the founding committee for workers in hotels) , the committee listened to the demands of the representatives of the hotel workers.

The MP said Adnan Farajat who chaired part of the meeting, there is a large and clear the suffering of workers in hotels must work to resolve them indicating that the union workers in the public services and free professions binding decisions in the event of any agreement has been signed.

He added that there Farajat draft labor law with the Committee on Labor parliamentary deputies working on an amendment thereto.

In turn, said Samir Kattan representative of the founding committee of workers in the hotels to the absence of any party interested in working in the hotel industry exhibitors message in front of the Tourism Committee a number of the demands of the hotel staff.

He added that employees need to train and qualify and refine their skills reflected positively on their salaries and job status, stressing that demands the establishment of a union never interfere with existing laws.

For his part, the captain working in the public services and liberal professions Khaled Abu Mrjob it involves under union workers in the hotel and restaurant sector and expressed the importance of the tourist hotel sector.

He said Abu Mrjob the union signed in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and several agreements and replaced many labor disputes.

He said that Abu-star in the draft labor law existing at the House of Representatives of many seminal modified materials and there are a great hope to work on a modified indicating that the labor law in line with the legislation and international conventions, according to international experts.

He added that the Jordanian labor law has given great freedom to create space unions urged not to self-flagellation.

Jabour said that the Ministry of Labour through the Tripartite Commission (workers, employers and the government) the classification of occupations to 17 career according to labor law, and workers in the public services and free professions active union and worked over the last year specifically to solve the many labor disputes.

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